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Gigabit Ethernet network security appliance for Intellectual Property Risk Analysis
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Full Service Network Security Analysis

By combining our in-house expertise with our NetContExt range of products, Inetd.Com can provide you with a totally new perspective on your network usage. Inetd.Com can supply all the equipment and technical information you need and will present you or your team with an in depth report that describes how you can dramatically improve your existing network infrastructure.

Risk Management

By having a full understanding of how your network is being used, you can protect your intellectual property, minimize your legal exposure, enhance security and improve performance by acting directly on the areas that need attention. Gartner research shows that companies that implement best practice risk management will consistently outperform their peers. Inetd.Com can provide the insight you need.

Shareholders, customers, directors and regulators are all demanding better enterprise risk management. Inetd.Com can help you assess the impact of today's current and emerging global regulatory environment on your network infrastructure, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), California and EU privacy, and GLBA.

Is your business being compromised? We can find:

Informative and usable reports

Inetd.Com delivers reports that can be utilized by non technical management and not just engineers. our team specializes in presenting information that executive staff at any level can consume and act upon. We know that network usage is easy to understand if it is presented correctly. Our reports have been repeatedly used in a court of law and resulted in convictions in each case.

Maximum return on investment

Don't rebuild your network until you know how it is being used. By tuning your existing network to fit your requirements, you can save considerable time and expenses. If you do decide to rebuild, use our 'real facts' report to create a network that will support your immediate and future business needs.

Zero impact on your business

Our NetContExt devices are completely passive and require no changes to your existing infrastructure. Our tools analyze your network by simply looking at the existing traffic. This means that we can have meaningful information for you immediately, with no impact on your business.

Our guarantee

We are confident that Inetd.Com can show you ways to improve your performance and security. Contact us to schedule your assessment today.

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Intellectual Property Risk Analysis consultant consulting and services company. Privacy and data protection Information
Legal Compliance for corporate networks. Wireless WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet Security solutions