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Gigabit Ethernet network security appliance for Intellectual Property Risk Analysis
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Full Service Network Analysis

Inetd.Com has specialized in providing network information for medium to large companies since 1996. Inetd.Com is a full service company that also develops high-end network analysis and management solutions - from assessing your legal compliance strategy to identifying security loopholes in your firewalls and pinpointing intellectual property leaks. No one is better qualified to assist you in better understanding your network.

VDI consulting services

Desktop virtualization is a hot new technology that provides huge benefits to the right customer if it is designed and deployed correctly. The solutions currently available are maturing quickly and its key to stay on top of the curve so you can set your expectations.

By combining our in-house expertise with our range of products, Inetd.Com can provide you with a totally new perspective. Inetd.Com can supply all the equipment and technical information you need and will deliver your company with a system that meets your expectations.

We work with all the major VDI vendors such as VMware and Citrix. We also offer alternatives that offer significant savings by avoiding broker licensing fees. more ...

Award Winning Software

In addition to developing leading edge analysis tools and providing a full support service to our customers, Inetd.Com provides a custom software development service based around our own NetContExt suite of products. Our team can build you a product that exactly fits your requirements and train your staff to use it.

Flexible programs

Whether on site or via a secure VPN, Inetd.Com can provide you with the information you need to complete your project. A typical network analysis project consists of an initial site visit to meet your team, define requirements and configure our NetContExt devices on your network. Our staff can then access the devices through a remote VPN from our office to manage the devices and create the report. This reduces the amount of hours our staff need to be on-site to a minimum. Inetd.Com can pass these saving on to you. Our devices may reside on your network from a few days to a few months depending on the type of information required. At the conclusion of the collection period, our team will present you with a detailed report that answers all your questions. Inetd.Com can provide a web server containing all of the collected data and reports, either on your site or ours to assist you in utilizing the information. Finally, our technical staff are always on hand to assist customers in best utilizing the report.

Full support packages

If you have ongoing or multiple projects, it may be beneficial to take advantage of our support contracts. For a low monthly fee, Inetd.Com can deploy the latest NetConExt products on your network and have an engineer assigned to your company. Our support package can be the network information one-stop-shop for your IT department. Use Inetd.Com to answer all your networking needs. Contact us and we can tailor a package that fits your exact requirements.

Forensics: NetContExt network packet reassembly service

If you have recorded a network sniffer trace and would like to see the original file information stored within the packets, we offer a TCP stream reassembly and reporting service using our NetContExt products.

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