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Gigabit Ethernet network security appliance for Intellectual Property Risk Analysis
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Inetd.Com has a range of in-house network analysis products known collectively as NetContExt. Our engineers have fine tuned these tools while working with global fortune 500 companies and government agencies to handle enormous quantities of traffic.

The NetContext platform is an industry standard 1U or 2U rack-mounted server. Our products support all the popular network topologies and our staff provide the support and equipment to get you up and running. All Inetd.Com products are based on a passive, read-only model that has zero impact on your existing network.

NetContExt was awarded Performance Computing Magazine's "Outstanding Product of the Year" for 'Enterprise Network Management' solutions.

NetContExt-NTR (Network Traffic Recorder)

NetContExt-NTR is a flow based, real-time Network and Internet Traffic Analyzer. NetContExt-NTR takes the guesswork out of network management by giving you a clear and concise picture of network usage in real-time, while also creating a permanent and easily accessible record of your traffic.

NetContExt-NTR utilizes the flexibility of HTML reporting, monitoring and configuration, and is accessible to authorized users using a secure web browser.

The NetContExt-NTR solution consists of a number of components:

  • NetContExt-NTR probe: collects raw traffic packets from the network.
  • FlowGen: reconstructs the original connection streams from raw traffic.
  • SQL Database: stores all the network flow information in a relational database.
  • HTML reports: available from the embedded NetContExt-NTR SSL server and viewable from any compatible browser.
  • Java real-time applet: provides network information via an intuitive GUI.

    NetContExt-NTR can provide reports for:

    • A baseline of your network
    • A Full inventory of your critical IT assets
    • Capacity planning and infrastructure data
    • Insecure protocol and virus activity
    • Top talkers and Bandwidth hogs
    • Undesirable network and host activity
    • Traffic by user defined business units
    • Security holes and network scans
    • Firewall leaks and loopholes
    • A report on who is scanning your network
    • Asymmetrical routing issues

    NetContExt-CA (Content Analyzer)

    NetContExt-CA is a flow based, real-time network content analyzer. It reassembles the original payload sent in multiple IP packets and searches through the data for known file types such as images, office documents, financial information and intellectual property. NetContExt-CA is port and file extension agnostic, it detects and classifies document types by examining the internal structure and protocols of data objects, it does not rely on file extensions or hypertext markup language.

    NetContExt-CA can detect, identify and report on:

    • Unprotected intellectual property
    • Insecure protocols
    • Inappropriate network use
    • Financial documents
    • Email conversations
    • Web mail attachments
    • Internet chat sessions
    • Login session content
    • File transfers
    • actually, any information sent to any network with any protocol at any time!

    Document data is written to permanent storage and reports are made on the collected images at regular intervals.

    The report modules create a thumbnail proof sheet of all the documents in any period for quick and easy inspection from any supported web browser. You can select a thumbnail to view the content in its original size. All the connection information about who/where/what/when is provided for each file.

    Content can be grouped and sorted in a number of ways to easily create a report on specific users activities over a period of time.
    Inappropriate content is automatically detected using a built in content analysis module. This allows network abusers to be quickly and easily identified.

    NetContExt-CA utilizes the flexibility of HTML reporting, monitoring and configuration, and is accessible to authorized users using a secure web browser.

    Find NetContExt documentation. Installation and user guides.

    Read what the press and customers have to say about our NetContExt products.

    Forensics: NetContExt network packet reassembly service

    If you have recorded a network sniffer trace and would like to see the original file information stored within the packets, we offer a TCP stream reassembly and reporting service using our NetContExt products.

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