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Gigabit Ethernet network security appliance for Intellectual Property Risk Analysis
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Know your network

By understanding the flow of content across your enterprise, you gain insight to the way your company operates. With this information, you can take specific actions to maximize your investment in the network, increase overall productivity and safeguard the vital electronic assets of your company.

Network Security Analysis Solutions

Inetd.Com specializes in providing network information solutions for medium to large organizations. We are a full service company addressing network related issues; from assessing your risk management and compliance strategy to identifying security loopholes in your firewalls and pinpointing intellectual property leaks. Inetd.Com has extensive experience with a wide range of network topologies and popular vendor appliances.

VDI consulting

Our networking expertise and knowledge of virtual environments allows us to design and deploy world class density and performance with VDI products such as VMware Horizon View. If your considering using VDI or looking to troubleshoot or improve performance of your existing system, contact us.

Award Winning Products

Inetd.Com designed, developed and supports the NetContExt range of network information products that will enhance your business process by optimizing network traffic to work for you and not against you.

Our Guarantee

We are confident that we can show you ways to improve your performance and security. Contact us to schedule your assessment today.


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    Inetd.Com is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. We enjoy solving complex network and system problems and pride ourselves on our innovation. What can Inetd.Com do for you?

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