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A select list of our customers

Applied Materials
Ross Stores
US Courts administration
Bureau of Land Management
Cal Poly State University
Centropolis Effects, LLC
Cinesite, Inc.
Department of Defense
Fed Data Corp
Fidelity Investments 	
General Dynamics
HQ First US Army
Hughes Systems
Industrial Light + Magic
John Hopkins Hospital

Lockheed Martin
Los Angeles County
Lucent Technologies
Motorola AIEG
NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 	
NASA Kennedy Space Flight Center
Naval Research Laboratory
Purdue University
Silicon Graphics/sgi
Stanford University
University Alabama
Sterling Commerce
Sun Microsystems
UUNet Technologies, Inc.

Quotes from the Press

InfoWorld Magazine

I have a few packet-analysis and network-metering tools on hand for all my testing, but the real test for me is whether I find myself sticking with a specific product. I've been using NetContExt ever since I received the first beta two months ago -- at least once a day, every day. At a glance, NetContExt gives me the information I need for the networks and hardware I test. I highly recommend it for any network administrator who needs to monitor bandwidth usage and enhance network efficiency. If you've ever wanted to get the big picture of your network traffic, check out NetContExt.

InfoWorld rating: 100%

Technology Analyst Victor R. Garza ( covers networking and telecommunications products at the InfoWorld Test Center.
Performance Computing Magazine
"Outstanding Product of the Year" - - Enterprise Network Management

Most of the glory for network and systems management software goes to products such as CA Unicenter TNG, HP's OpenView, IBM's Tivoli NetView, or Sun's SunNet Manager ... Certainly, such extensive products that fit into a larger system-management framework are essential to good network management within large data centers. When the problem is not with the network hardware, but rather the traffic itself, you need to get down to the real nitty gritty and get packet particles under your fingernails. You need to examine the traffic itself, where it is coming from, where it is going, and what it incorporates, all without getting mired down in the level of detail presented by hardware sniffers.

This is the territory targeted by Inetd.Com's NetContExt family of products.

The product's graphs let you see the peaks and valleys of your network traffic, and drill down to specific network conversations that may be causing your throughput problems. With this product, it is simple to see a clogged network and determine that the source of the problem is Harvey in sales FTPing the company's customer database to his home system. The enterprise version adds billing, security, appropriate usage policy, and quality-of-service tuning to an already robust set of network-management tools.

Performance Computing Magazine.
Winner: Outstanding Product of the Year - Enterprise Network Management.

sysAdminReview Magazine

After a few days of working with NetContExt, there is almost nothing negative I can say about it. It's a breeze to set up, and its intuitive interfaces start providing useful information minutes later. For Web reports, you need to give it a couple of hours at the very minimum (but the real-time GUT will keep you busy while you wait). Stressed out systems and network administrators (are there any other kind?) will see their networks as they never imagined, in colorful charts that would make "USA Today" green with envy.

The ability to play back and revisit what you missed means you'll never skip lunch again. With NetContExt's configurable alarms and filters, you can set up the monitor to clear out background noise and focus on those events you need to know about.

Inetd.Com's NetContExt is for the network administrator who believes that too much information is just about right. Generally speaking, that's most of us.

I can't recommend it too highly, an outstanding product.

Technology Editor Marcel Gagne covers product reviews for SysAdminReview Magazine.

Quotes from Customers

US Air Force

"Immediately, we were able to derive meaningful information about the utilization of our gateway," Arthur said. "It gives us a clear picture of the type of traffic that's taking place."

Sgt Louis Arthur Enterprise Network Management
Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu. Federal Computer Week article

Centropolis Effects LLC - Hollywood (Godzilla and SpaceJam movies).

"The product is very simple to use. You can teach anyone really, even someone without much knowledge of networks or protocols, to pop NetContExt up and show them what to watch for"

John Duino Computer Management Centropolis Effects LLC.


"This historical drill-down ability comes in real handy" ... "We had a years worth of traffic data showing the application developers how much patch data had been downloaded, down to the hour level. When we had our server co-located at an ISP site we could tell them how much traffic to expect down to the byte, by the hour."

Doug Herfurth Corporate IS analyst SGI corporate headquarters.

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